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May God Speed

from Steve Young

October 24, 2004

I first met Vasek while in the company of my wife's uncle Tom Nuckles, he was a VW Porsche Dealer in Pasadena and a good friend of Vasek. When Porsche wanted to shut down the Lotus Porsche effort Tom (Trans Ocean Motors) and George Follmer had going("It was not pure Porsche" they said) Vasek was the loudest (and only) desenting voice. He must have had the most respected voice however, as Porsche backed off and the rest is history as they say.

For Vasek to hold off the mighty German force and only sell Porsches while every other dealer was compelled to sell VWs as well, speaks of a man with strong convictions and presense of mind.

I later talked with Vasek many times about the cars, his racing efforts and how much he loved the cars. Penske used his shop as a work place when the 917-10s were on the coast. Since my ongoing relationship with George Follmer had resulted in my painting cars and helmets for him, I wound up at Vasek's again painting the 917-10s before The Times Grand Prix. "Hello Vasek" again... always the great man, always involved with all things racing.

He is and will be missed for years to come by all he touched even those who know little of what he has done for so many.

Thank you Vasek and may God Speed

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