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Our site is here to sell the vintage Porsche factory posters.

This is also a reference center for information about the posters and the historical events and people who caused them to be created.

We do have Porsche posters not shown on the site. We also have owners manuals and various bits of Porsche memorabilia that we will be adding. We welcome inquiries.

There's a place for you

We would like to encourage all of our visitors to make corrections to any of the information contained on this site. Send in Stories about your own Porsche experiences, about the races, about the cars, the drivers, and about Mr. Polak. We will include a link to your Porsche related site (if you have one). If you have photos you would like to have included, email a .BMP or .jpg images. We had originally thought to limit the pages in size, but have changed our minds now that we have become involved in the site. If we get multiple submissions on the same subject, we will endevor to post them all.

Do you like this site or hate it? Take off the gloves, and tell us what you think. We pay attention to all comments.

We are willing to share links with any Porsche related sites that we think will be of interest to our visitors.

Privacy statement: We do not sell or share the names of our customers. We do not have cookies that extract information from your computer. While we appreciate our customers, we are not interested in what other sites you visit or what you eat for breakfast. For our complete Privacy Statement click here.

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