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The Races that Made Porsche an icon

Although the Porsche name had been associated with European auto racing since the beginning, there was a half century of racing history before a car with the Porsche name on it entered a race. Professor Ferdinand Porsche and his son, Dr. Ferry Porsche, were closely involved with the development of the sports car at the prestigious Auto Union, Austro-Daimler, and Volkswagen; knowledge gained, that made it possible for the first car with the Porsche name to be built in 1948.

The history of Porsche racing is told in the names of the races, drivers, and model numbers of the cars. The links below will take you to a brief history of the a few of the races. We offer posters featuring these races in our Poster Store. For more information and availability, see the Poster Store.

We have made every attempt to make this information accurate and complete; we hope that you will send us any additions or corrections. Anyone who would like to add their remembrances or additional information about these races are welcome to send them in. We will credit any submissions that are posted (your chance to share your passion and gain a modicum of internet fame).

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