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The Poster Archives give descriptions and photos of the posters in the Porsche Factory Archives. Many photos are copies from poor quality secondary photographs. In time we hope to replace them with better photos. About half of the Porsche posters shown here are presently for sale in our Poster Store. If they are available there will be a price listed.

We are including the non-inventory posters as a resource for those interested in Porsche poster history. This page will eventually link to a biography of Erich Strenger, the almost legendary designer of many of the posters commemorating Porsche racing victories.

Note: Serveral visitors have asked about the "Porsche Archives". This is not an official title, but one that has been given by us to the collection of Poster photographs maintained in the "Historisches Archiv", at Porsche AG. It seems that Porsche has not always kept copies of the posters that they have made to advertise their racing triumphs. The "Historisches Archiv" has been photographing posters, both in their collection and in the collections of others. With the photographs is a list of information, as seen on our poster pages. In many cases, the information is incomplete. Where we have the posters, we have added additional details. It is obvious that some of the posters shown in the archives are printed by others and therefore not "Porsche factory posters". They are, never-the-less, in the "Historisches Archiv", and we have shown them. In some cases we have shown posters that are printed by the factory that do not have an archive number. We assume that the factory has just not gotten around to photographing them, or that they have been photographed since we saw the archives. ...A.W.

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