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Name: Steve Ducommun

Comments: My experience with Vasek Polak began in 1963. At the age of thirteen I landed a job at Duran Vasek Polak Autobody Shop on Western Ave. in Gardena, CA. I was the painter's helper and would spend six years as an aprentice. Mr. Polak came by quite often and it was always a pretty important event. He was always sure to acknowledge my good work and that was pretty exciting. I called him Mr. Vasek and he didn't seem to mind that. We were fortunate to work on some of the race cars, changing from long tail to short tail, and Roger the head pinter and I were allowed to go to the races with the team at Riverside. That was a really big deal for a little kid.

There was a Volvo out back of the shop. It was in rough shape, but to a fourteen year old it looked like it should be my first car. And it would be, as one day when Mr. Vasek was at the shop I inquired if it was for sale. We struck a deal at thirtyfive dollars and I could make payments. While I was paying it off I was able to work on it, so that when I turned sixteen I had that fiftysix Volvo looking pretty good. Thanks to all the people who worked at the shop, I became a journeyman painter and still do lots of Porsche work in my shop here in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I work with Alpine Motors which is owned by Hartmut Leuschner, one of the mechanics from the dealership.

I still maintain a love for Porsches and a deep appreciation for the man.

Steven George Ducommun

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