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Name: Howard Wendel

Comments: Great Site. I am a former employee of Strasse Automotive (formerly Porsche Strasse) in Costa Mesa. It was to my great fortune to be the right-hand man to Stan Sczarkowitz while employed there. The stories I picked up about "how it was" Racing in the Can-Am with Vasek and the boys, Bruce (Mclaren), "the Bear", Follmer, Donohue, etc, were stories you won't read about in any books. The circus at Elk Hart Lake was one of my favorites, picture 10,000 people coming together to the river after the races, naked, insane and unforgetable. (not to mention the first hand accounts by Stan of how the 917/10's literally rumbled his M8 as they passed him going through thunder valley. We lost Stan to a heart attack (while working in the shop) not too long ago. I remember the day we received a bottle of wine with Vasek and his car on it. He and Stan were good friends. The dealership in Hermosa was great. The great big name was the best! I only met Vasek a few brief times and thought he was pretty down to earth. I am only 37 and to have such a great understanding of the Can-Am, and meeting certain key people still around through Stan, I consider a very blessed youngster. I am looking for any pictures featuring Stan and a poster from around 1970, about the time Stan moved his repair/Race facility from Long Beach to Costa Mesa. Stan was featured (Mont Tremblant)around '70/'71. Any info would be great. Again thanks for hosting a great site from a die-hard porschephile and avid racer.

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