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Raise a glass

from Marsh Duncanson

Subject: Mr Polak stories
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 00:15:59 -0600

I met Mr. Polak at the Can-Am race in Edmonton in 1973. You may recall that future World Champion Jody Scheckter was driving for Mr. Polak that year, but success was limited as Roger Penske and Mark Donohue had the amazing 917/30. I was 14. I hung around the pit and paddock areas and soon became the unofficial "go-fer". The thing that I remenber most about the whole weekend was on race day, in the early afternoon. I approached Mr. Polak and said, "Mr. Polak, you've had nothing to eat all day, can I get you some chips or something?" He patted my cheek, European-fashion and said, "No...no, you are good boy, good boy," Such a kind and gentle man. Although it is now twenty-eight years later, (where did they all go?) I remember that brief conversation as though it was yesterday.

Join me in raising a glass to the memory of a fine man!

Marsh Duncanson
Calgary, Alberta

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