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Photo by Pat Van Buskirk

Vasek's 911L

from Jim Halverson
San Diego, CA
18 Jan 2001

Hi VP Racing,

I was overwhelmed with my internet search for "Vasek Polak". I have looked many times since I purchased my '68 911L. Today I hit the jackpot. I enjoyed reading all the accounts of Vasek from great friends like Brian Redman, Art Evans, and Joe Rusz. I plan to spend a lot of time on your site. Now here is my connection.

Last February I purchased a '68 911L from a friend, Phil Van Buskirk (publisher of PML , Porsche Market Letter). Phil had purchased the 911L from Carl Thompson at the Vasek Polak Competition Warehouse in Torrance in '97. Phil was doing an article for his magazine about the sale of Vasek's collection. He spotted this passenger car amongst all the famous racing cars, and asked Carl what it was doing there. Carl explained that Vasek had taken the car in trade at his Porsche dealership. He brought it home for his wife, Anna Maria to try it out because of the Sportomatic transmission. She tried it but did not like it (speculation is that the Sportomatic still requires shifting, just no clutch). So Vasek took the car to the Competition Warehouse and parked it there. It sat there for several years until Phil's inquiry in '97. Phil bought the car through Carl and kept it at his home where he also parked it for three years, that is until I heard that he was selling it in his magazine. That is when I bought the 32 year old classic with only 78.5K in mileage! I have since received a confirmation email from Carl Thompson on the Vasek connection.

It was a thrill to see all the pictures of this rare individual, and it is a thrill to drive a car that he once drove!


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