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March 2009

I worked for Mr. Polak from 1992 to 1996.


I worked for Mr. Polak in his racing department, helping restore his race cars with Gustav Nietsche and Kurt Lanschutzer. I started as go-for boy, then cleaned parts, took parts car off, fuel tanks, seat belts, etc. I also drove the transporters to Willow Springs and Laguna Seca, with Danny Ongais and Milt Minter. I have alot memories with these guys, Carl Thompson was a very good man, Vasek's right-hand man. In my my time old man Vasek took care of me, he is the reason I fell in love with racing, and later became also club racer myself. I still have alot pictures of Mr. Polak's collection and some pictures of him with his cars, A TRUE PORSCHE HERO.

Adan Figueroa

Photo memories

Mr. Polak, Horst Schmidt, Gustav Nietsche, Carl Thompson

Gustav Nietsche

Horst Schmidt


West Linn, OR
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