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From the "Vasek Polak BMW Digest", Spring 1987.

Vasek Polak

Vasek Polak stands amidst a portion of his vast collection ot Porsche racing cars that he sponsored for two decades.

Vasek Polak Service Dates to Racing Origins

Along the Sepulveda Boulevard/Pacific Coast Highway corridor, between Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, commuters and tourists can see the Vasek Polak name almost as frequently as the name of the streets.

In addition to his BMW dealership in Hermosa Beach, Polak also owns three other car agencies, including his original Porsche dealership, along the well traveled coast highway. The others are Saab, Audi and Subaru. And those who pause long enough by the Porsche or BMW showrooms will see some of his former factory competition racing cars that won countless GT and Trans Am victories when he was most active in the sport from 1958 to 1978.

The car collection is comprised mostly of priceless early Porsche RS and RSK roadsters. Such well-known drivers as George Follmer, Brian Redman, Jody Scheckter, Danny Ongais, John Morten, Milt Minter and Hurley Haywood have worn and won in the Polak racing colors.

It was Polak's skill as a Porsche mechanic that brought him to this country in 1955 from his native Czechoslovakia via West Germany. As his reputation grew so did his stable of clients. Impressed by his success, Porsche awarded him an exclusive dealership in Hermosa Beach in 1956. His was the first Porsche dealership not to include Volkswagen.

Vasek Polak's racing origins and mechanical skills are very much in evidence today as his dealerships are known for their parts arid service emphasis. In 1960, he was one of the first to own a BMW dealership as he recognized the potential of the car that was known to some as a pregnant roller skate. "I had the feeling they'd go places," he recalled, "and I already knew the engines as my first racing motorcycle was a BMW."

Polak's attention to detail and precision has not waned with time or success. He still travels to Germany approximately every six weeks to assure availability of the car models and parts that his customers need. Because of this presence he has accumulated the largest parts inventory in this country.

Just as Polak has been grateful and loyal to his customers, he expresses a similar kinship to his adopted land.

Says Polak, "The main thing is you must put your heart into your work. After that there is terrific opportunity for everyone in this country. I don't care what you do, if you put your heart into it, you'll be a success."

"Many people have asked me why I don't leave and take my success with me back to Europe. I tell them that the U.S. gave me my freedom and success. I'll keep my money here and die in gratitude."

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